Friday, September 11, 2009

Dry Erase Markers

My room mate and I have a stash of dry erase markers. My mom bought them for us upon request, based off something I saw in a magazine or something.

We have eight double sided markers. That makes sixteen different colors. Lets just say I had a little 'creative burst' the other afternoon...

I drew a flower with a long stem on the window, and a tree on the other half. They were not at all in proportion... yesterday I erased them and drew a smiley face in their place. On the mirror we had a verse, framed in bubbles, as well as a flowerpot drawn in black, but embellished in color. A suit of armor labeled with the armor of God has succeeded them.

But I wasn't content with that. I drew a frame on the hall mirror (in a place where it is not in the way :D), as well as a flower and butterfly in a corner of the bathroom mirror.

Have you ever had an 'art rush' with dry erase markers?

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