Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For How Much Have You Been Forgiven?

I've been living as if I've been forgiven little. Jesus said if you have been forgiven little, you love little; if you're been forgiven much, you love much. You appreciate things more if it costs more, and it impacts your life more.

And I've only been loving God a Little until recently. I've never struggled with what our culture deems 'taboo sins', and I've always felt as if I don't have much of a testimony. God kept me from those sins, sure, but that's not the same (and quite less dramatic) in my mind. I've struggled with a plethera of others, but I've been good about hiding them. They are all small, anyway, right?

But all sin is the same to God- its detestable, intelerable. Even my little sins would cast me into hell if it weren't for Jesus' sacfrifice. Don't forget that.

You need to see you're a slave to sin before Jesus seems like good news to you. 'Cus if your sins aren't quite big enough to push you over the precipice, what do you need Jesus for, anyway?

All Christians have been saved and freed from sin- (so we need to carry them no more with us)- and we've all been forgiven much.

But how much do you perceive you've been forgiven?

Friday, November 11, 2011


or, No-Shave-November. Here's a video advertising the month-long, campus-wide event:

cute, yeah, but... wrong? Yes, I think it is wrong.
Growing a beard doesn't make you a man.
Getting your mancard punched doesn't make you a man.
Asking a girl out doesn't make you a man.
Knowing how to open doors doesn't make you a man.

Well, not according to God's standards anyway.
For Him, and hopefully Christians in general, the things that make you a man are more like
showing respect to all people
defending the widow and orphan (ironic, then, what happens at the beginning of the video)
and using your life to glorify God.

Go ahead and grow the beard, and do all the other things MRL is sponsoring this month, just be sure you don't get fooled into thinking that suddenly, now you're a man. Search the scriptures and find out what is on God's list- what things would God have on the mancard?- and let those define your manhood.

Friday, November 04, 2011

chapel woes

Everyone's been talking about how great chapel was this week.
But I think they think it was so good because the speaker uses a lot of humor. I like the humor, don't get me wrong- and its satire, even, which can be more fun.
And his messages to us are good, and worth hearing (even if slightly hidden behind all the jokes).
But why is it the students here only seem to talk about the speakers who are funny? Why don't we encourage our friends to come to chapel to hear the speaker tomorrow, because he was so great yesterday,
when the speaker is serious, and convicting, and challenging?

Thursday, November 03, 2011


I intended to look at some sites for lines of modest clothing to get some ideas and see if there were ways to adapt some of the clothing I have in my closet to make it more modest. Christa Taylor was mentioned in a book I'm reading, so I tried to find her website, but instead I found out that a year ago her store had closed down.

So, I thought I'd just do a Google search for modest clothing for women. Three quarters of the pictures were of fully covered women from the Middle East. The other outfits looked like tent-ish clothes draped carelessly over a girl. Not feminine at all. Is that really what people think of as modest clothing- and thats it?

The next search for professional clothing for women didn't go so well either. After each of these attempts failing, I gave up.

Do you have any suggestions for better search terms? Or, possibly a site that has modest clothes for women? Insight requested!