Monday, August 31, 2009


College has started, and I have yet to post anything particularly interesting about it, and then I had an idea. Why not take my status updates from Facebook, and post them here for you to see. They are in order, but the days they were posted are not here... The first one is from the day before I moved into my dorm, and the last was just today.

Marie De Vries...

is leaving tomorrow

suddenly realized that this is her last time sleeping in her bery own bed at home for a seemingly very long time...

this is my very first last first night of college :)

is back from Church! Sunday School was GREAT! I wish that church was a leetle closer, though...

is doing some serious research on college books

had a great day, and can totally see herself living here for a while :)

had tea in my dorm room this morning :)-- and needs to remember to get sugar packets from the cafeteria today...

just woke from a 1.5 hour nap :)

played frisbee yesterday, and it was amazing

is back from my first class, and off to 'Math for El. Teachers' next

is done with classes for the day :

got to use my umbrella today

loves rain, and thunderstorms :)

is doing homework

wants to watch ollies follies games today...

is doing laundry!

is trying very hard not to fall asleep doing homework while sitting in a very warm laundry room, with a very warm laptop...

is so far enjoying college life...

is finished with homework. Floor Bible study at 8, and maybe a movie later... maybe.

just finished watching Pride and Prejudice *sigh*

is going to class, lunch, and then another class that happens to be in the same room as the first.

just learned how to write numbers in tally s, Egyptian, roman, Babylonian, and Mayan.


Sarah M. said...

Sounds like a very good first day. :)

Noël De Vries said...

thanks for cross-posting, marie! (for those of us who hex facebook)


Nicole said...

everything is going fine... I can't believe its been two weeks!

no prob :)