Thursday, August 20, 2009

North! or Be Eaten- Day One

You may have read my post from last week about this book- the one oozing with details I wanted to share. Well, here I am, prepared and permitted to share.

Today I share a review.

Janner, Tink, and Leeli Igby are The Lost Jewles- heirs to the throne of Anneira. They are unaware of this fact though, for a long time.( At the begining of 'North! or Be Eaten' they do know that they are heirs, I guess they find this out in the first book- one I have not yet read. ) Anneira is a place most people think is ficticous... a place where childrens stories come from, and legends are created, not a place that many people actually thought existed.

When the children find out that they are heirs, so do some other people... some other 'not nice' creatures. The Fangs of Dang (half lizzard half human kinds of creatures) are sent to find the children and bring them to Gnag the Nameless who wanted them alive. They flee from everywhere they know and begin crossing the country, trying to cross into safety. But Safety is far, far away from the Igby children and their family.

Various members go through various situations including, but not limited to: avaiding Horned Hounds, running from Fangs and Trolls, nearly falling from incredible hights, losing a beloved and comforting pet, being captured by Stranders, being locked up by Stranders, being captured by hags, being forced into labor at the Fork! Factory, being imprisioned in a coffin for days at a time, nearly being caught by Fangs numerous times, going into the Ice Prairies practically alone, leaving their brothers/sons/grandsons to fend for themselves, nearly being eaten by Snickbuzzards, being betrayed, being suspended in a giant bird cage, listening to people give up their lives, and knowing they have the power to save those people, and facing life threatening dragons.

Need I say that this novel is packed with adventure? ;)

'North! or Be Eaten' just came out, so get it on Amazon now, wait for mor information on the book from me coming in the next two days, or go to these various websites:

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