Saturday, August 08, 2009

Stories, Pictures, and Sketches Oh My!

Ahhh... home sweet home. I DID try to find Internet while gone on vacation, but I couldn't find ANY. But I am here now, ready to share:

It was a very cold, rainy week. It was raining when we got there, again when we left today, and one of the days during the week. You can't let a good rain go to waste, so my sister and I took the paddle boat out to the raft. We sang 'singing in the rain' for a few seconds, and then gave up:) We did have a lot of fun there, though. Maggie wasn't happy that we were getting our picture taken...

Speaking of the raft... hahahaha I took my 8 y/o cousin out there the day before this picture was taken. She had to wear a life jacket, but , being 18, I didn't have to. We got on the raft and just had a good time. We danced, and made waves by jumping on the corners of the raft, and gathered sea weed (or sea flower, as I now refer to it...) for her younger sister. I looked up and screamed.

The paddle boat was floating away. I hadn't tied it to the raft properly, and it just slipped away... my sister Hannah saved the day. She got another paddle boat, and went after ours. I had thought about jumping in and swimming for it, but I didn't have a life jacket, and the sea flower reached to just inches from the water surface. I can swim just fine, very well, actually, but I HATE sea flower when it touches my leg...

Any way, my sister eventually made it to us, and saved us. It took a while, though, because the rudder in the paddle boat she was in has a tenancy to get stuck... our neighbors happened to be driving by in their boat about five minuets into our catastrophe and the girl (10 y/0) jumped into the run away paddle boat and paddled it to safety. I don't know what we would have done if they hadn't stopped to help... but I think it would have ended up with me getting wet...

Since then, I have taken a life jacket with me to the raft. And tied the paddle boat VERY tightly.

My dad, uncle, and I tubing. This was the first ride this tube went on... one of our tubes sprung a leak. Actually, three leaks. Then we gave up on it. We would patch one, fill it with air again, take it around the lake, it would be deflated, and we'd find another leak. Anyway, we got this one to replace that one. This tube was great! It was so much fun, and yet I almost regret going on it, because now I am so sore... my neck, arms, back... oh well. The above picture was taken right before the one below... my dad fell off, and if you look close you can see that I must have thought it was quite funny.

He had it coming. Just a little bit after we started, he pushed my uncle off. They went back and forth pushing each other off until one of my sisters in the boat pointed out that I hadn't wiped out yet (the perks of riding in the middle) so they pushed me off... the water was so warm from a summer of sun heating it, but the air was VERY chilly.

Okay, those waves coming up were huge. I had a right to let a scream out... Once, a year or two ago, after bouncing over some monster waves, I flew out of that tube a couple feet into the air, and when I hit the water the wind was knocked out of me. But this time my dad and I landed right as rain :)

These are the lake we stayed at. First was a picture of it, and then a sketch I did one morning. I've posted a few of my sketches because some of them really turned out. This one was colored pencil and pen.

This is of the moon. Its orange partly because that is what color the moon looked, and because I was outside, drawing in the dark. This was done in drawing chalk.

This was done right after the moon. We were roasting marshmallows over the fire in the grill. Again, the colors are a lil more bold than I usually draw in because its dark out and I can't really see what I'm doing.

Inspired by a sailboat that was on the lake. The swirls were added by request of my 6y/o cousin. This is marker and colored pencil.

I did this one last night. I have to say this is my favorite. And that I'm disappointed to not be able to figure out how to rotate it... just, tilt your head to the left, if you could... good. Every year I end up drawing the dock and the scene beyond... every year my most recent one is my favorite :) This one is marker, pen, and colored pencil.

Do YOU have any vacation stories? Do share!


Maggie DeVries said...

I'm really not frowning. Really. Take a closer look. I'm just unaware.

Noël De Vries said...

Hahaha, Maggie.

You're frowning.


Welcome back, girls.

Noël De Vries said...

Yeah, forgot to say, I really like that last piece, Marie. Nicely done.

As for rotating, what photo program do you use?

Nicole said...

I have NO IDEA. Hahahaha, it loaded straight, but when I went to post it, the picture was rotated and it wouldn't rotate back. I am so not computer savvy... :)