Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Things Making Me Happy:

the weather

remembering this song from forever ago, that makes me think of weather like most of this week's weather

talking with my cousin over the phone for one hour and fourty five minutes

That most of my homework for the week is finished


world war two era books

non-fiction books, when they are not assigned but read for fun

that my sister got a signed copy of The Giver for me

taking notes on an unlined piece of paper, and including lots of pictures

my grandparents visiting me at school

my family skyping me so I could be a part of a birthday celebration back home

the prospect of spring coming

seeing shoots of flowers and plants peeking out from dead leaves and dirt



waking up feeling absolutely refreshed

learning about prayer

finishing crocheting another scarf- even though its not cold out anymore

thinking about this summer

deep breaths

latin being mentioned in books and during lectures, and myself having an idea of what they mean even before it is explained

wearing non-prescription glasses

finding out the vending machine has fruit snacks, and tail mix

being able to tell others about what makes me happy

hearing what is making others happy (hint hint)

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Aubrey DeVries said...

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