Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have A Blast

"I bet those guys are really scared."
 Yesterday I helped out at a Cub Scouts Troupe Meeting with twelve other students from my school. Our purpose? To teach the rock cycle.

I was assigned to the Igneous Rocks section. A couple groups of four or five Scouts had come to our table so far. We had some rocks (granite, obsideon, diarite, and basalt), and some books with awesome illustrations and pictures.

(this is not the same picture, but a similar one)
Source of Photo
One of the Scouts was looking at one of these books. The full page was covered in a photograph: A volcano spurting orange lava straight into the air, with a helicopter in the foreground watching. Hence his comment "I bet those guys are really scared."

I wanted to let him know that some people are so interested in things like volcanoes that the helicopter in the picture was probably there on purpose, not some random passerby. In conclusion, I told him, "They are probably having a blast!"

I'll give you one guess as to what he did next.

He laughed!

I was very confused, not sure what was so funny... he explained.

"You said 'blast', and the lava is blasting up!"

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