Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Vegetable alphabet book by J. Pallotta and B. Thomson

From my Literary Journal in my Children's Literature class:
Pallotta, J. & Thomson, B. Ill. Stewart, E. (1992). The vegetable alphabet book. Watertown, MA.
            Charlsebridge. 30 pp. (Grade Level: K-4th).

            The Vegetable Alphabet book travels through the alphabet using vegetables; some common, some uncommon. The authors also try to incorporate some humor, helping take some of the dryness out of the book. It is full of information, not stopping at the name of the vegetable but also giving some details about it.
            The illustrations are incredibly lifelike and detailed. I also appreciated that they were multi-cultural. I am not sure that this book would be good for teaching or reenforcing the alphabet to younger children because many of the vegetables are uncommon, and the young learners would not have some prior experience to glean from to help them learn. This would be best for older elementary students, to help learn about vegetables and reinforce the alphabet. Some unusual characteristics include that it uses so many unusual vegetables and could be the basis for deeper learning. 

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