Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So Many Books

I just received an email from a professor of the Children's Lit. Class I have signed up for next semester. She suggested getting a head start on our required reads over Christmas break- I looked at the list, and there are 26!
I am going to try to avoid reading any books I've already read, and try to find some good 'new' ones. In double parenthesis I've written a book or two I'm thinking I may read. If you've got a better suggestion, though, leave me a comment!

1.     Reread one of your favorite childhood books ((I'm thinking one of the Boxcar Children books, or Too Many Books))
2.     Newbery Award Book ((The Giver))
3.     Caldecott Award Book (( Tuesday ))
4.     Rebecca Caudill book from the most CURRENT reading list (( Frindle))
5.     Book by the Annual Invited Campus Children’s/YA author (2010-2011 – Sharon Draper) (( Out Of My Mind)
6.     Wordless Picture Book (( Home))
7.     Picture Book with Words ((Miss Nelson Is Missing [I'm familiar with the story line, but I've never actually read it] ))
8.     Easy-to-Read Book ((Tarantula Toes))
9.     Mother Goose Book (( My Very First Mother Goose))
10.     Counting Book   (( One Gray Mouse))
11.     Alphabet Book (( The Vegetable Alphabet Book))
12.      Graphic Novels (( Secret Science Alliance and the Copy Cat Crook))
13.     Folktale (( The 'Wasna' (pemmican) Man and the Unktomi (Spider)))
14.     Fairy Tale (( Sinbad the Sailor))
15.     Fable, Legend or Tall Tale (( Trojan Horse, or King Aurthur
16.     High Fantasy Work  (( Need Suggestions for this One!!!)

17.     Realistic Fiction (( The View From Saturday))

18.     Historical Realistic Fiction (( Up a Road Slowly or War Without Friends))
19.     Poetry book (( Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices)) 
20.     Informational Book published in last 5 years (( Suggestions Welcome!!!)
21.     Biography or Autobiography (( Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?))[Unless you have a better suggesion...]
22.     Real-Life – Children with Challenges ((Need Suggestions!)
23.     Multicultural Work (African or African American) ((Othelo, A Novel or With Every Drop of Blood: A Novel of the Civil War))
24.     Multicultural Work (other than African or African American) ((Peacebound Trains, or Finding My Voice)
25.     Digital or online text (( Any Good Ideas??)
26.     Any Touchstone of your choice. A touchstone is a title that has stood the test of time (i.e., it is still in publication), and other books are compared to it (i.e., the story is timeless). ((There Are So Many, I Can't Decide. Suggestions Encouraged!!))


Noël De Vries said...

Counting Book: 10 Minutes till Bedtime by Peggy Rathmann.

Fable, Legend or Tall Tale: Black Ships Before Troy, by Rosemary Sutcliff

High Fantasy Work: The Dark is Rising, by Susan Cooper

Biography or Autobiography: The Lincolns: A Scrapbook Look at Abraham and Mary, by Candace Fleming

Aubrey DeVries said...

Yay for Miss Nelson is Missing & A View from Saturday! If you're going for a Boxcar book, I love numbers 1 and 19. (19 is Benny Solves a Mystery & the last one Warner wrote. The others after that are just spin-offs.)

The Lincolns is a great bio; I enjoyed it. (Although I'm sure I can recommend a few Lincoln bios from a SOUTHERN point of view. :)

Anything by Rosemary Sutcliff is good too.

Touchstone: Have you read The Secret Garden?

Mrs. N said...

What counts as real-life Children with Challenges? Can it be kids fiction if the character has a disability? Love the London Eye Mystery (narrator has aspergers)

There's also Al Capone Does My Shirts (the main character's sister is autistic).

Or does it have to be non-fic?

Nicole said...

Mrs. N, I believe that the books are supposed to be fiction, so you're suggestions are wonderful. I think I may read the London Eye Mystery, especially since it was already on my list to read! Thanks for stopping by!