Friday, December 31, 2010

Where oh where can it be?

'where oh where has this year gone, where oh where can it be?'

I can't believe another year is over. It's flown by so quickly.
I got a lot accomplished, I know I did. But still... soon it will be 2011.

I want to be more focused this year. Pick a few things I want to get done every so many months, and do it. I resolve to do what I resolve to do.

So, for the first semester? The first five or so months?
I want to focus on two main things.
Latin and timelines.
Nerdy? Maybe. Helpful? Why, Yes.

I've started Latin already, and its already helped a ton. Knowing little bits and pieces of it helps a lot with understanding other words. An example? The first 'lesson' I read last week mentioned the Latin word 'pro', and how it means 'for'. And guess what? The word 'Pronoun' suddenly makes sense. Its a word used 'for' nouns. So instead of Mark, House, Fiona, its: he, it, she. Makes so much sense!

I want to make little timelines. History is interesting to me, but it doesn't always make sense. I want little timelines for important sets of 10 or 20 years, and then different lines on this timeline. One will be for world events, one will be for important music and art (and maybe even books??), one will be important people's births and deaths, and another line will have American events. I think everything will make a lot more sense.

And, as a third thing, I would like to add my writing. Yesterday and today I spent a TON of time writing. I added so very much to my novel, and edited a ton. I'm almost done. And that novel that was a few pages short of 40 is now 15 pages short of 100, and I'm not done yet. Word count so far is 40,500!

Did you think this year went quickly? Do you have any specific goals? I guess you could call them resolutions. Have a great year, my dear readers!

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