Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Best Life

I wrote this today...

The Best Life

I don't want a wasted life,

Filled with nothing but strife.

Making money to get ahead,

Meaning nothing when I'm dead,

Useful, as dull knife.

I don't want to just enjoy.

A 'good life' to deploy.

Having fun, but yet worth nothing,

I want my life to be worth something,

And not to settle for a decoy.

I want to live God's will for me;

It will be anything but gloomy,

Living to my full potential.

I hope that this is mutual,

This is the best life, you see.


Erin said...

Lovely. :)

Unknown said...

would you mind if I wrote music to this?

Nicole said...

thanks, Erin :)

No, Robbie, I wouldn't-- go right ahead! And let me hear it when you've finished it :)