Wednesday, May 26, 2010

eat pineapple

Every set of four or five months I've been making a new list of goals for that time. Its fun, and sometimes helps me focus on what I want done. I've done this two or three times, and I want to share some of this summer's goals with you. Not all of them, some are more interesting than others, but a good many of them. ::

*eat some sort of seafood
~stay awake for 24 hours
*go roller/ice skating
~read my summer reading list (to be posted another time)
*meet someone (relatively) famouse
~learn to play a song on the piano
*lean new ways to throw a frisbee
~have/go to a movie marathon sleepover
*finish The Three Charms (sequel to my first novel)
~visit a nursing home
*contact the house/senate 'bout something important
~improve my juggling skills
*raise money for some cause
~tie-dye something
*re-learn spanish
~learn signlanguage
*learn new words, use them, be asked to explain what it means
~draw an absolutely huge picture
*have a picnic in non-picnic weather
~have a tea party, invite people over
*eat pineapple

and of course, post about as many of these as I can when I do them :)

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Unknown said...

you should have the picnic in a thunderstorm. Maybe minus the rain tho . . .