Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bull Rider

It looks like I am well over due for a book review,
Having not posted one in a month...
Lets see, I am an not only overdue writing a review, I am overdue reviewing quite a few books. Bull Rider, by Suzanne Morgan Williams , is one of those. I actually met the author back on May ninth, and read the book soon after.
I thought Bull Rider was very well writen, and that the research Suzanne did really paid off. Suzanne has also written a lot of non-fiction, but I feel as if it proved a drawback to the story. She included a lot of interesting information to the story that sometimes seemed excessive; where I wanted to get on with the story and not be bogged down with facts.
There were a lot of serious moments, ones that a book dealing with injured marines from Iraq have to have. There was lots of food for thought, too. Cam askes Ben if he would go back, and Ben responds saying he would... topics like these come up on several occations.

Cam is the brother of an amazing bull rider, and they are both grandsons of a legendary bull rider. Bull riding seems to run through the veins of the O'mera family, but it seems to have skipped Cam who would prefer to skateboard. He is scared to death to ride a bull, and his first ride doesn't go so well...
Cam's brother left bull riding to serve America overseas. Ben had had everything going for him, but when the draft came up, he went. Cam doesn't like to think about it. One day Cam's grandpa picks him and his sister up from school early with news that Ben was in a hospital in Germany, and his parents had flown to meet him. Ben seems to get better for a while, but soon he gives up hope when he is discharged. In order to bring hope back into Ben's life, Cam decides to show his brother that even the seemingly impossible can be done.

Read more about it at the authors website, or her blog.

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