Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Dentist

Story time!

I had a dentist appointment the other day. Just your regular checkup- nothing snazy like the root canal my dad just had done (!). Anyway, this was the second time I was able to drive myself there alone.

One odd fact about me is that I don't always enjoy driving. Especially at night, or on a highway, or in the rain, or when I am late for something. I'm not a huge fan of the dentist, either, but sometimes neither can be helped...

The day I went to the dentist wasn't horrible. I knew where I was going this time, and although it was a bit humid, and the skies were still cloudy it hadn't rained in a couple hours.

The dentist office is on a two laned road, there is also a middle lane that is a turning lane. I get into this turning lane, waiting for a chance to turn left, and lo and behold guess what happens.

It starts raining.

I quickly turn into the parking lot and find a space next to another office building. All the office buildings in that section have window walls, so you can see in, and everone else can see out. I put the car into park, and as if on cue it starts pouring. Great.

Right about then I was glad I had grabbed my hoodie before I left. I put the hood up and got ready to run outside. Then I had an idea. If I could open the car door just a little bit, and lock the car while I was still inside, then I could just get out, shut the door, and quickly run into the dentist office- and hopefully stay drier than I would have otherwise.

Ha! Isn't foreshadowing a great thing?

I have one of those remotes that can lock, and unlock, a car from a distance away. There is also a button that pops the trunk open, and another one - that is red- that sets off the horn. ( do you see where this is going???)

I locked the car from the inside as planned, and got out of the car. As I was thinking of how smart I was I must have accidentally pushed the 'alarm' button. At first I didn't know what was happening, so I was just pushing all the buttons on the remote hoping one would work. Soon. Finally I realized it was the alarm button, and as soon as I pushed it again, the alarm stopped. And I was VERY wet.

As I looked up just before running into the dentist I saw a man at his computer. Laughing. At me.

(Oh, and my teeth were perfectly fine- no cavities. (Thank goodness!!!))


Maggie DeVries said...

Oh, Marie.

That's not called foreshadowing... That's called getting jinxed.

Nicole said...

haha... maybe I was jinxed, but I was forshadowing to you and other readers, no?