Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crocodaddy~ day 2

Like I promised, today I am talking about the art in Kim Norman's picture book.

David Walker is the illustrator, and THIS link will take you directly to his site.

THIS one will take you to a page on his site with some of his illustrations- they are wonderful! Some are from Crocodaddy, and others are not.

Crocodaddy was beautifully illustrated by David Walker. He used lots of colors, and every aspect seemed depicted perfectly. For David, showing shadow, distance, action, and feelings seems so easy! His characters have a soft, welcoming look to them... Each picture fits perfectly with the stanza on the same page.

I also love how he incorporated so many animals into the story! Besides the main one, Crocodaddy, I saw a bird that enjoys mimicking the boy, a frog, some fish, a turtle who seems to enjoy watching the spectacle, and some dragonflies.

They not only added balance, color, and even life to the pages, they are great targets for 'I spy' with younger siblings and children. :D

--Oh, and I have to say that the last picture is my favorite...


Anonymous said...

I loved the bird especially. He seemed so interested in what the boy was doing.

Nicole said...

me too, he was in so many of the pictures, you could almost call him one of the characters!