Friday, May 22, 2009

Vocab Friday

So, I want to change how I do these vocab exercises...

From now on, there are no promises as to how I will do vocab exercises.

Today will be something different from what I have done in the past.

I will write a wild sentence using a vocab word, and I'll do that for ten of the words. Then, I'll give you the other ten words, and bid you good luck!

1) The child was acquisitive, so it was no surprise that he had a photographic memory.

2) The princess was horrified when she saw the banal clothing she was to wear while undercover.

3) The girl was fed up with the carping ways of her sister.

4) The baby duck was aghast when she saw that the water had congealed, and she could no longer swim in it.

5) When a child's pet dies, the backyard funeral usually holds encomium speeches.

6) That statement was as germane as the price of tea in China.

7) For a team to win, each member must give up their intransigent attitude.

8) When the old woman passed away, she was most remembered for her largesse.

9) The judge reminded them that in order to make such statements and accusations, they must substantiate it.

10) In Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, the character Beth is very taciturn.

Now you try!
Arrogate- v. to claim or take without right
Belabor- v. to work on excessively; to thrash soundly
Coherent- adj. holding or sticking together; making a logical whole; comprehensible, meaningful
Emulate-v. to imitate with the intent of equaling or surpassing the model
Eschew- v. to avoid, shun, keep away from
Insatiable- adj. so great or demanding as not to be satisfied
Invidious- adj. offensive, hateful; tending to cause bitterness and resentment.
Reconnaissance- n. a survey made for military purposes; any kind of preliminary inspection or examination
Temporize- v. to stall or act evasively i order to gain time, avoid confrontation, or postpone a decision; to compromise
Tenable- adj. capable of being held or defended

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Latricia said...

Thank you every much for this blog on vocab..I see that there is no other vocab Friday blogs..this really did help me a lot with my english 310 vocab homework since I have not taken english since I was in high school..I think you continue to post them they are helpful for english students such as myself..thanks much