Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuck Everlasting

I recently reread Tuck Everlasting , and then suggested it to a younger sister. She read it eagerly and agreed to answer some questions I had for her. Originally, the camera I had recorded our conversation on died; so we changed the batteries. Then, when it got loaded onto the computer, it got lost- and then deleted off of the camera! I rewrote the questions and had my sister hand write her answers. The only thing I changed in some of her answers was some of the spelling :D. Below you can read the 'discussion' my eleven y/o sister and I had.

* What did you think of the main character, Winnie?
-I like her. I really think that the author described her a lot.

*What character do you think helped her to make the final decision to run away?
-The Toad.

*Do you think the toad was important to this story?
-Yes, the toad was the one who eyeballed her to run away.

*Who was you favorite Tuck?

- I don't know, she just is.

*Four of the human characters have the ability to live forever. If someone told you that they could never die, would you believe them?
-No, because it is impossible to live forever.

*Are you so sure now, after reading Tuck Everlasting?
-Well... I'm not sure.

*If you had the choice to live forever, would you?
-No, because it would get really boring, to be 332 years old. It would be kind of scary.

So there you have it; a few questions about Tuck Everlasting answered by an 11 year old girl.


Aubrey DeVries said...

Nice job girls! I'm glad you decided to do a review on Tuck. Good book. It's sad, but it leaves you thinking. It's interesting to hear stories from the point of a younger reader. Have you both seen the movie? Disney stayed pretty well close to the book, but changed Winnie's age so that she and Jesse were both 17 or 18.

Nicole said...

I have seen the movie, I'm not sure about my sister, but I think she has as well. I'm not sure what I thought about the age change, I think I liked it, in movie form, that they were pretty close in age... it would have been weird in a movie if they were very far apart in age...

I agree, the book does leave you thinking. A lot.