Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog Improvement Project

I have signed up to participate in 2009 Blog Improvement Project, and I am very excited. I feel like there is a lot of improving I can do, and that this is just the motivation and guidance I needed. I have wanted to update and 'improve' in general, and just didn't know how. I needed a push, and Kim, over at Sophisticated Dorkiness, has given it to me and many other bloggers.

A little about the project: It is a year long project aimed at making each blog better. There is no obligation to participate in each challenge, and you can customize each challenge to fit you, your blog, and you community of readers.

This last challenge was about setting goals. I have yet to form all of mine, but they include:
-better, more consistent content
-more commenting on all of your blogs
-keeping track of what I read, including some notes about each book

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