Wednesday, May 16, 2012

K. R. Morrison

Marie: Do you listen to music as you write? Why or why not?

K. R. Morrison: No.  I love quiet.  Music is a distraction.  Even typing in what I have written longhand while in front of the TV is very difficult.  My cats snoring as they keep me company, the ticking of the clock—these are gentle sounds that make up the only “music” I appreciate while I write.

Marie: Time and money aside, what would you rather be doing?

K. R. Morrison:Hiking through---somewhere.  Scottish Highlands, the Appalachian Trail, a pilgrimage to a holy place.  I love to be out in the world and seeing what has been placed here for us.

 Marie: If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you bring with you, and why?

K. R. Morrison:A way to get off when I wanted to, mostly.  Beer.  My notebook and plenty of new pens so I could get a lot of writing done.

Marie: What is your favorite genre to write, and why?

K. R. Morrison:I like to write about spirituality.  There are ideas in the works that have nothing to do with horror, and I hope to get those written someday.  However, it turns out that there will be a third book in the series I am writing.  The characters in my current working manuscript decided that in the latest chapter I wrote.  So the others will have to wait awhile.

Marie: In an average week, how much time do you spend working on your writing?

K. R. Morrison:Since I work full-time, my writing does not get as much attention as I would like.  I spend sometimes 3-4 hours in an evening—either writing, typing my scribbles into the computer, or re-reading what I just typed to make sure there aren’t any time/space glitches or errors in spelling or grammar.  My fingers speak some form of ancient Swahili—I can’t believe what they type into the computer sometimes!!

Marie: What is your favorite part about being an author?

K. R. Morrison:Being introduced to someone as an “author”.  The little notoriety I have gotten.  Kind of fun when someone says how much they liked my book.

Marie: Can you tell us anything about a current project you are working on?

K. R. Morrison:My current manuscript, which looks like it will be twice as long as the first, is called “Resurgence:  The Rise of Judas”.  It is actually a prequel/sequel, beginning with the time after Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden.  Then it goes to the time of Judas, and those events, and then 15th-century Romania, where we pick up Vlad the Impaler.  Then to 19th century New Orleans, then to the present—where the book starts in at a few years after the first one.  This book has a lot more dimensionality to it—I am enjoying how the story is unfolding.  Cruel, horrible, at times—but there’s a lot of humor in it too.  Sounds odd, I know.

Marie: What obstacles would you warn beginning authors of?

K. R. Morrison:Do your homework on the various ways to publish.  There are so many ways, traditionally and electronically, that you shouldn’t just dive in with what you think you know.  Borrowing from Weird Al Yankovic, “Everything you know is wrong.”  Has been for me.  I’ve learned an enormous amount about publishing in the past few months—and will definitely think out my steps before publishing the next one.

Marie: Which scenes did you find the most fun to write?

K. R. Morrison:Definitely the ones where the family members are relating to each other.  I wanted to show a good, strong, loving family group, because that is what it took to bring the book to its positive conclusion.  They have fun with each other, and that reflects my life with my family members.

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