Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Be Not Afraid by K. R. Morrison

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This was my first vampire book. I read it in one sitting.

I appreciate that within this cultural surge toward vampires, and treating them as good, the vampires in Be Not Afraid are the bad guys, and they stay that way. This is partially due to Morrison's faith- or at least, the faith of her protagonist Lydia.

Lydia goes through some trying experiences that the vampire, Vlad, intends to put her into a spiritual valley- permanently. The middle aged woman nearly does descend into the depths of despair, but God tells her that he has not forsaken her. The story of Lydia's redemption ensues, as well as being reunited with her family. However, Lydia's trials are not over. God has been asked by his people to purge the earth of evil, and Lydia had already committed herself to be an instrument for His use and one of His tools on the earth. How much can Lydia handle? How will this battle of Good versus Evil end?

The text is peppered with punctuation misprints, which was distracting while reading. And there was, in my opinion, an overuse of exclamation points!! And yet somehow it was believable. There were scenes, granted, that my brain would not accept at all, but on the whole Morrison had me convinced. Being a book with a vampire as the main antagonist, there was a lot of blood- and I can't stand blood. I've fainted at the sight and mention of it before. And yet I kept reading, not quite able to put the book down.

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