Thursday, October 14, 2010

how can death look so beautiful?

the leaves are dying. not a quick, or silent death either. its prolonged, and slow. Each day a little of their green life is sucked out of them, and they shout in pain. their pain looks like yellow, and orange, and red, and brown. and sometimes when they are half dead, they fall. they land gently enough on the cool, hard ground- only to be trampled on by un-noticing flip-flops, tennis shoes, boots, and high heals.
yet, though I know that the tree's only friends for the past seven months straight (who have always been there for the tree, who have never thought to leave) the poor tree's only friends are dying (preparing to leave the tree all alone, hoping that someday the tree will at least have new friends. Which, most likely it will, but how can the poor leaves know for sure) they are dying, slowly, painfully- I know all this, yet I can't help myself in thinking the leaves are beautiful.

some trees have such stark contrast against the clear blue fall sky, their yellow leaves seeming to pop. some seem elegant, and classic, because their deep orange and the tree's brown give it that air. Some seem Stately, and Important, and Dignified- that's the only way I can think to describe the deep burgundy and red leaves. Some leaves seem confused, childish, (and more beautiful, somehow) because they have some of each color in almost every leaf. Some trees seem to glow, the burgundy on the outermost leaves, and an orange color closer to the tree's life source (I think these are called Maple). some trees have already begun to mourn, already they have lost their friends.
But they've been through this before, the poor trees. (is pain worse because you knew it was coming?). They knew it was coming, they knew their happy, hydrated green friends would die away at some point. But they know to be patient and wait until spring when new leaves will come to live. The trees try not to think about loosing these friends, it would be altogether too much. And to keep the leaves from being afraid, the trees won't tell them what is coming. It would be too much for their little hearts.
but now, as i look out my window and as i walk to class, i can't help but think that these fall leaves are beautiful.

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