Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Silver Flower

I've been writing for years. Little stories, poems, papers for school. But through it all, one piece of writing has always been in the background. A novel I've been working on for eight to ten years. Its been so long I can't even remember.

It used to be called The Mystery on Pendant Island, shortened MOPI, but after my first draft I realized I couldn't keep that title; the story was not a mystery. So after a while a new title was decided upon: The Silver Flower.

It starts off with a fairy princess fleeing for her life because the castle is being attacked. She has to go stay on the Ponka Islands to wait out the war, but she was not going alone. One of the castle's employees, Jesse, the stable boy, is going with to be her body guard. But the run into a little trouble along the way; the Dark Fairy kidnaps the princess, twice. There are secrete passages, an exploding volcano, subplots, secrets, a magical flower with a dark history, and more.

But I can never seem satisfied with the story. I feel as if I'm in a perpetual state of editing, for there is always something more I want to change, add, take out, rephrase... this last week, for instance, I deleted the last third of the story. I wanted something particular to happen, and it couldn't if this certain character showed up- so I had to rewrite everything.

I've been re-writing like this for at least four fifths of the time I've been working on this story. Honestly, if you compared the first draft to my current one, they are practically two different stories.

Today has been a good day, I think. I wrote just under 2,000 words. Two days ago I hardly wrote anything. I'd been in the editing process so long I didn't even know how to think up a new storyline. It was hard going, at first, but once I started I couldn't stop. Now all my spare time is used to work on my short story. Who knows? I might decide to get an agent someday...


Unknown said...

Marie, I'm currently doing a creative writing program that has come up with this acronym for writing, it's TOWER and it stands for Think, Organize, Write, Evaluate, Revise. But the lady that wrote the course says that good writers really use this acronym,
TOWERERERERER because the evaluate and revise so many times. So don't get discouraged, it's all a part of writing well.

Nicole said...

Hahaha, I like that acronym :) at least I'm not alone in in evaluating and revising! Thanks!