Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A First

I stood on the deck barefoot, the icy water against my feet.

I took a deep breath. The air was cool, crisp... it had an almost sweet sent.

A cool breeze, wind-chimes in the distance.

This evening was the first rain of the year.


Christy said...

Oh yeah! Wow I didn't even think about that! My dad is going golfing today....IN FEBRUARY! It's unbelievable how the weather has been so crazy this year!

Holly said...

Beautiful. :) That's crazy.

Nicole said...

Christy, golfers sometimes do crazy things. I know. And when it reaches 60 degrees in February (like today), why not?!?

Thanks, Cuileann.

Christy said...

Well Marie, my dad is a crazy person all around! Come on, you have to admit. So I want to post a blog about my thoughts on the Stimulus bill and Obama. Do you think I should or will I get nagged on?

Nicole said...

Start a whole new blog, or write a post? I think that you could do it, I think blogging is all about opinion. Just be careful- written word is powerful.

Christy said...

Exactly. That's why I'm unsure. I think it's better if I just don't.