Saturday, June 21, 2014

On Dangerous Prayers

We caution each other about our prayers with annoying regularity.

"Ooh," we warn, "that's a dangerous thing to pray."

"Careful what you pray for," we urge. 

I think it's half a joke. Or at least, I hope it is. We call them dangerous prayers because of our confidence that God will answer.

God might actually send you opportunities to be his ambassador.

God might actually teach you patience, or joy.

Or, *gasp* give you vision for your life, your family, or your church.

There are countless examples of prayers whose answers would take us out of our comfort zone and change us.

Careful, we prompt.

That's dangerous, we say.


Instead : "That's a dangerous thing not to pray.", "Careful, make sure you're praying for that."

Rather than cautioning, I believe we ought to start encouraging each other in this.

Encourage these prayers with annoying regularity.

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