Thursday, August 01, 2013

What (July) Smiles Are Made Of

-fireworks over the lake
-how sound carries so far and clear over water
-new journals
-new notebooks
-job interviews
-s'mores with diary-free chocolate
-an evening of just Grandma and I
-reading letters
-writing letters
-stationary, of all kinds
-the soreness from water-tubing
-collecting, organizing and analyzing data
-summer reading
-volunteering at youthgroup
-cooking and cleaning to worship music (especially my a cappella and Jon Foreman pandora stations)
-learning, of course. (This month, it's the Jewish roots of Christianity.)
-driving the boat
-the Bible Study I'm in, IMPACT 25:40
-the recency look with my hair in a bun
-getting back into routines
-talking with a college friend, about dreams, and the future, and the past
-making lists
-the people that read my blog :)

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