Thursday, February 07, 2013

Full Control

I've got full control in my student teaching classroom starting this week.

Which means writing lesson plans for five subjects a day for five days a week, teaching them (and making last-minute changes when the students aren't getting it) and grading papers.

Which doesn't leave much time for blog posts.

-Last week, one student lost his (loose) tooth- right in the middle of math.
-The kids didn't get my lesson on main verbs and helping verbs. While they were at PE I regrouped and when they came back I retaught. And they got it!

-While the kids are at specials, I don't even get to spend that time grading and planning- I have to do all my foot stretches to calm them back down. Plantar fasciitis and the concrete floors in schools don't get along too well.
-Questioning techniques are important. You have to ask the right question, or it confuses them.
-I've been trying  to have more fun in my lessons. To laugh, and joke with them, and tell relevant stories, and feel free to be a bit goofy to catch their attention again. It seems to be working!
-The Classroom Teacher and I moved all the desks around- it was funny to watch the kids come in and be a bit confused and try to find their new seat. Or, sit in their Old seat, without realizing it, until the New owner came up to them and pointed it out.
These next weeks will be super busy, but I'm possitive I'll keep learning and eventually  I'll get the hang of this. I keep resting in God's strength and energy, because there's litterally no way I can do this on my own.

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