Friday, April 22, 2011

Simple Machines by T. Monroe

Monroe, T. (2011). What do you know about simple machines?  New York, NY: Rosen    Publishing Group Inc. 24pp.  (Grade Level: 2-3)

            This informational book asks twenty questions about simple machines in everyday life. There are pictures on each page with examples of different versions of each type of machine. Sometimes children are pictured using the machines, but sometime they are adults. The pages are colorful and engaging, and the text is large and easy to read. Important words are in bold, helping students uncover the main concepts. A small index and glossary are included as well.
            This book, and the set of books that go with it, would be helpful inclusions to the classroom. They are short and concise, perfect for the few minutes of transition time between subjects, or when students finish early. Also, they are great at curbing student's curiosity without giving them too much information. The pictures also have a description, packed with information. This book is a great place to start students, because it will most likely make them interested in the topic, and from there do more research.  

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