Friday, January 21, 2011

A Piansit

by Marie DeVries
January 2011
A Pianist
she warily tests the keys
to the song she does adore
her first mistake she sees
the first of many more

learning notes and patterns with ease
again and again she tries
hours fly by like a breeze  
she feels the strain in her eyes

after a day or two
most of the song is learnt
though there is still much to do
and her fingers have begun to hurt

she attempts it one more time
presses a wrong note accidently
and, as if it were a crime,
she gently slams the keys

it's still not exactly perfect
but she'll soon have it right
and then she'll play it like an addict
her joyful eye full of light


marie e. said...

I didn't realize that you wrote this... I love it!! Good job! I'm going to write it down :) thanks!

Nicole said...

thanks, Marie :)