Tuesday, September 07, 2010

So very, very many things are making me happy

*slightly warm air moved by a slightly cool breeze
*my sunburn is hardly noticeable
*class competitions on campus
*colored pencils
*that I get to read so much
*that teachers aren't out to get me
*that dishes don't take as long to wash as I remember
*that we have lemonade, and hot tea, and milk and orange juice
*that next week I get to/have to read aloud for five/eight minutes to a group of college students (for my 'teaching elementary and middle school reading' class)
*that I'll get to hear others read aloud to me for five/eight minutes
*trying to imitate accents from other countries
*having the windows open during one of my classes, feeling the cool breeze, and hearing it rustle the leaves in the huge tree right outside the window
*when the plot of a book finally makes sense
*that I sit next to a friend in class who writes very very fast, so that when the Professor changes the slide entirely too soon, I don't need to worry
*spell check, because I need all the help I can get!
*colorful curtains
*when the sun seems to shine, even though the sky is covered in dull colored clouds
*flowers that make me wish I was carrying my camera
*getting emails from my Daddy
*remembering the combination to my tiny mailbox, even if it is empty
*especially the kind that makes me want to smile and sit under a tree, or in a tree, and just look at clouds and breath deeply
*that I've started editing again my Novel again, and already I think it is better
*that I look at my Novel differently after not reading for at least six months
*seeing one of my professors riding around campus on his bicycle,wearing his suit, carrying books and notebooks and pens in one hand
*that my sister writes, and lets me read it
*my sister
*all three of them, actually
*my entire family and extended family including second cousins and great uncles and aunts even people related farther than that, actually
*seeing God's little blessings everywhere


marie e. said...

reading aloud for eight min!? My voice would get cracky...

Nicole said...

I thought mine would, too. But I practiced over and over for a while, and it didn't!
I've learned I LOVE reading out loud! :)
I have (finally) selected The Westing Game my Ellen Raskin

Maggie DeVries said...

I'm the sister!

I like the one about your friend that writes fast. I'm always that person in class that everyone goes to afterward for notes that they missed...yup.