Monday, November 30, 2009

Short Attention Span

That is what I’ve had this month. I did not finish one book in November.

No, I started eight of them.

Four fiction,

four non-fiction.

I’ve included a list for those with itching curiosity:

Started in November

The Celebration of Discipline

Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible

Eat This Book

The Path of Prayer

Treasure Island

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Cheaper by the Dozen

A Wrinkle in Time

And there are a couple that I want ever so desperately to read, but have to do everything in my power to keep them on the top shelf in my closet. With these eight books, Christmas looming, and finals in only a week and a half, I have enough on my plate to fill me and I don’t need to scarf down thirty books at once. Delicacies are best enjoyed one at a time.


Sarah M. said...

Well, even if you have a short attention span. (WINK) I went ahead and awarded you the Superior Scribbler award. Check it out here:

hopeinbrazil said...

Congratulations on your Superior Scribbler Award. I enjoy your "superior" ramblings.

Nicole said...

S. Mehrens: Awe, thanks so much!^_^

Cioara Andrei: Va multumesc pentru vizita, sper sa ne vedem din nou aici mai repede! Ma bucur ca sint interesati.O zi buna pentru tine, prea.

( I typed this into an [online translator [no, I do not know Romanian off the top of my head ;) ], so I hope it reads correctly... it should say: thank you for visiting, I hope to see you here again soon! I'm glad you are interested. A nice day to you, too.)

hopeinbrazil: thanks. :) I'm glad you've stopped by, and I hope to see you all around again soon!