Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wednesday We-view

So, the pictures I posted yesterday were from Barbados... doesn't it look beautiful? Can you imagine living there once, and then moving to an American Puritan town? Well, thats what Kat did in The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

(I meant to write this earlier, but sadly 6 page papers take precedence over blogging. Anyway, its rather late for me, and my thoughts may not have the best transitions... and be full of random thoughts and observations)

Things were pretty tough for her, coming from a life where she could do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted to a life with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousins where she worked all day long and had rule after rule to comply to. And she didn't understand most of the rules, nor the Puritan's way of life.
She meets some people who the reader can't help adoring, and breaks a few rules along the way.
She is rather rash at times.
At one point she is given the advice to listen to her heart, which I was a bit nervous about considering how evil and corrupt our hearts are, and things don't go as planned and problems arise.
In chapter 9 Kit says something that I just MUST quote, its just so wonderfully put and echoed by myself: "If only patience was contagious as mumps."
Kit teaches a Dame school with one of her cousins, and instead of using punishments like the Puritans did, she gave rewards to the children for doing the right things- which is what my Early Adolescent Development Proff. strongly suggest. I haven't taken a methods class yet, but thats what people keep saying....
It practically drove me CRAZY listening to this book because I've read it before- about ten years ago- and when I listened to it I.Couldn't. Remember. How. It. ENDED!!! And when you listen, you can't read faster, or skip to the end without losing your spot! It was quite a dilemma... :) needless to say I didn't get much else done that day. =D

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