Friday, April 18, 2008

A Centaur's Breakfast

Alright, I finished The Silver Chair by CS Lewis, and this quote is stuck in my head. I thought that it was funny, and I thought that I would share it with all of you. It is said about a centaur by a dwarf, and goes like this:

"'why, Son of Adam, don't you understand? A centaur has a man-stomach and a horse-stomach. And of course both want breakfast. So first of all he has porridge and pavenders and kidneys and bacon and omelet and cold ham and toast and marmalade and coffee and beer. And after that he attends the the horse part of himself by grazing for an hour or so and finishing up with a hot mash, some oats and a bag of sugar. That's why it's such a serious thing to ask a centaur to stay for the week-end. A very serious thing indeed.'"


Erin said...

I like how he repeats it to make sure he gets the point across: Very serious indeed.

Noël De Vries said...

You can just hear a deep English voice saying those words. :)

Hey, nice reads on the sidebar, there!

Nicole said...

I love that dwarf! I like how he names all these different types of foods... it kind of makes you hungry... no?

The Willoughbys is such an outrageous book! Nothing that happened in that book, I believe, could ever actually happen in the 'real world'... But that just makes you love it all the more. I kept laughing out loud, and my sisters kept looking at me as if I was crazy. : )

Anonymous said...

That's a great quote!

Now, are you related to Noel? A sister?

Nicole said...

Hi Sally! yes, Noel and I are related, but we are no sisters; we are cousins. : P