Friday, July 02, 2010

Only the Good Spy Young by Ally Carter

Two of my sisters drove to the book store to get this book the weekend it came out. Throughout the day I heard squeals, laughs, and gasps. Within 24 hours both of them had read the book. And then I read it in ,four hour sitting.

Lots of questions from the previous three books in the series were answered. Lots of things suddenly became clear. But the book didn't answer ALL the questions. It kind of left you hanging. But in a weird way. There are still a lot of loose ends, but I think that the series could end with that book.

There were more spy-ish things in this book than the other ones, which made me like it more. But there were also more boy-related things in this one than the other ones. And I don't know if that makes me like it more, or less. Its confusing.

If Carter happens to write another book in the series (which, believe me, she left plenty of room for) I might read it. The books are great with all the spy stuff and Covert Operations, and how they are so hard to put down, and how my eyes keep trying to read faster than my brain can so they sometimes try to skip narrative and read only the dialog. But there is a little too much boy drama for my taste, and I don't know if I could sit through another one. So I might just have my sisters give me the readers digest version so that all the loose ends are tied.

from the inside front cover:
"When Cammie Morgan enrolled at the Gallagher Academy, she knew she was preparing for the dangerous life of a spy. What she didn't know was that the serious, real-life danger would start as soon as her junior year. But that's exactly what happened two months ago when she faced off against an ancient terrorist organization dead set on kidnapping her.
Now the danger follows her everywhere, and even Cammie "The Chameleon" can't hide. When a terrifying encounter in London reveals that one of her most trusted allies is actually a rogue double agent, Cammie no longer knows if she can trust her classmates, her teachers-- even her own heart.
In this fourth installment of the New York Times best-selling series, the Gallagher Girls must hack, spy, steal, and lie their way to the truth as they go searching for answers, recognizing that the key to Cammie's future may lie deep in the past."


Maggie DeVries said...

<3 <3 boy drama. :)

Aubrey DeVries said...

I'm getting those squeals, gasps, and dreamy sighs from Rae right now... she's got the book too.

Maggie DeVries said...

Hehe, I can imagine her squealing... ;)