Monday, July 26, 2010

Worldviews, in Media

Your Worldview is how you see the world. It is your framework for understanding existence. Everyone has a worldview, even if they don't realize it (some things I learned from Worldview Academy).

And I've realized that worldviews are especially present in books. That said, readers need to beware. We need to pay attention to the worldviews our favorite books are presenting to us, and evaluate them. If we don't, society may begin to shift our worldview into some skewed perception of reality.

So, in my future reviews, I hope to focus more on the worldview of a book I read, and not just if I liked it or not.

Worldviews are in our television, too. And because most people turn on the TV, and then turn off their brain, these worldviews seep in little by little. Its like the trojan horse" you turn on the TV, but you put your guard down by switching off your brain, and the next thing you know your worldview is being skewed into some skewed perception of reality.

So turn on the TV, but don't turn off your brain when you do. 

And another thing. We get all these rating to see if the movie is kid friendly, or how many times people swear, or and who much of what alcohol is presented... but I have not found anywhere that rates the worldview presented and its consistency with Christianity. I think that that is as or even more important than the things most people rate, and that is what I want to determine if I watch the movie/ TV show or not. If you know of a site that rates the worldview of a movie, please let me know!

What worldview have surprised you in the media you read or watch?

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Erin said...

In a lot of the books I read, I am just amazed at the poor choices the characters make...and yeah, I know they are fictional, but some young adult books just continue to astound me. I sit and read, hoping to get lost in its intensity, but then I can't relate to the character and get involved in the story because some of the choices they make are just plain dumb and I'm like 'you had to know that was going to happen'

AND THEN everything goes on to be just fine and even more bad decisions end up just dandy.they aren't made out to be bad decisions just ONE OF MANY decisions

and it really ruins some potentially good books.

like the one i'm reading now.