Wednesday, July 28, 2010


from the journal I sometimes remember to write in:
"(7-24-10) I finished wishing I could understand, read, and predict the weather. It is a wish I've had for at least three years. I finally took initiation and began learning. I made a barometer to measure the air pressure. I made index cards of the different clouds, and the weather they generally mean. I researched online, and read a few books. I even have a book on hold at the library. Hopefully all this will help, and I will be able to predict weather soon. And hopefully it will be useful knowledge."

I have no idea if my barometer is accurate (or even useful, for that mater), and so far I stink at identifying clouds, but its been fun trying to predict the weather. I'm taking several books when I leave for Michigan for a week, and at least one of them will be a non-fiction on predicting weather. Maybe I'll come back with stories of how I saved the day by knowing it was going to storm, or (more likely, I think) funny ones about how I completely misjudged the weather!


Unknown said...

A barometer is for measuring the weight of the air, the less air weighs the more likely it will rain. The more it weighs the better chance of clear skies.
I'll bring my book up and show you diagram that explains it very well.

Nicole said...

thanks! I got the book, and I think its making sense... you might have to explain some things at the reunion, though :/ hahaha