Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Savvy ~ day 2

Today will be a lot different than what I have done for tours before... hope you enjoy the change. Oh, and let me warn you that there a a LOT of links. :)

First of all, let me tell you some background about Savvy and I. Last semester in school I had an independent study class where I could pick the books I wanted to read, and write a review and a few reflections about that book. Take a wild guess and see if you can figure out what one of those books was? Yes. Savvy.

I had to write quite a few reflections and interpretations on the story, and I thought I would share some with you:

For my interpretation of the Angels mentioned in the story, read THIS.

For a few quick thoughts on the main character Mibs and how she changes a little, read THIS.

For thoughts on Fish as a perfect protective brother, read THIS - but be cautious, there are spoilers.

For the quick review I wrote for class, read THIS, and for the review I posted back in September, read THIS.

Next, I want to direct you to Ingrid's blog. I've spent some time there, and can say that it is amazing. Every week she posts some pictures of what kids say their savvies are, and even words of the week. So, if you want to know what 'to guddle' is, or what an eggcorn is, or what verbicide is (because even my spell check doesn't...), or what a flibbertigibbet is , you could Google them, or visit Ingrid's blog (I suggest the latter...)

Also, Ingrid's website is HERE. There are links to all kinds of places like:
What people are saying
The 'official website' - that has an awesome book trailer
There are even games! THIS is the Savvy road trip...
and THIS is the Savvy-O-Matic. I warn you, apparently my Savvy is the ability to erase minds... and my 12 y/o sister's is making trees grow... what's yours?

If you are not already 'linked out', look at the right sidebar for the other blogs participating in this tour... and have fun!

Come back tomorrow from some good quotes, and 'Tour Searching Tips'.


sally said...

Marie, this post is a gold mine. It wasn't here when I was going my round-up at the site but I'll link to this one tomorrow.I loved it. Great links, all!


sally said...

Is the younger sister who read the book, maggie? Does she have a review posted somewhere? If so I'll link to it.

Nicole said...

No, she had not read the book the first time I did, it was my 12 y/o sister.