Monday, April 28, 2008

Savvy Quick Review

Savvy is the story of how Mibs got her savvy, what it was, and what it caused. The Beaumonts live in a stretch of land that they call ‘Nabransas’ on some days and ‘Kansaska’ on others. Almost right away Poppa, who has a mermaid tattoo, is involved in a ten car pile up. If this was not bad enough, it happens two days before Mibs’s special thirteenth birthday. All the children in her family on her mother’s side got their savvies on their thirteenth birthday. The preachers wife decides to throw a party for Mibs while her mother and oldest brother, Rocket, are in a hospital in Salina with Poppa. Mibs leaves the party because she believes she knows what her savvy is. Mibs thinks she can wake people up- the perfect thing to help Poppa out of a comma! She stows away on a pink bus; her brother Fish follows, and so do the preacher’s kids, Bobbie and Will Jr. . To their surprise, Mibs’s youngest brother Samson is already on the bus…They realize the mess they are in when the bus goes in the opposite direction of the hospital.

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