Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Stream of Consciencness. Kind of

My Earth/Science for Elementary Teachers Lab takes a trip to the Library to work on a project where we will need to use books, textbooks, and labs/activities.

My group takes the table next to the two, hip high shelves of Juvenile and Young Adult fiction.

We work on the project, half paying attention, half having our own conversation.

'J' mentions she has to find a book of realistic fiction to read for her Childrens Literature class. This class, by the way, is one I am looking forward to like nothing else.

'What about Little House on the Prairie?'
'No, historical fiction is a different category we have to read.'
'hmm... let me think...'
'yeah, I need Realistic Fiction and a Historical Fiction books too, but I don't want to read Little House on the Prairie. Let me know if you think of anything.' says 'm'
I tell her I will.

I look at the shelves on my right, hoping the titles will jog my memory of some good historical fiction/ realistic fiction books.

I've never really looked at the books up here, think I, because I assumed with such a small selection there can't be any good ones.

My eyes graze over the titles.

Boy, was I wrong. The shelves are teeming with books I remember reading and loving, or books I have been told I should read, or books I want to read. I see 'Criss Cross', 'Trouble'. 'The Star of Kazan', 'Jellice Road', 'When You Reach Me', 'Savvy', 'Ella Enchanted', and so so so many more.

I find a binder with lists of books in it. I go to the tab labeled 'Newbery Medal' and look at the list again. I've looked at that list a lot in the past month, since my informative speech in Communications class was on it. I gave that speech today, and I guess it went okay. Could have been better, but just about everything that happens could have been done better...

Anyway, I read the list, and see 'Sarah Plain and Tall', I tell 'M'.
'Whats that one about?'
'You haven't read it???'
'Neither have I' notes 'N', the fourth member of our group.
I stare astonished, realizing yet again that others did not have the pleasure of growing up reading such wonderful books.
I give a brief overview, she agrees to use that one for her Historical Fiction.

I brush my eyes over the books on the shelf to see if any others sound good.

And then I see it.

On top of the bookshelf, propped up.

Waiting all this time for me to see it.

Waiting ever so patiently.

Red jacket.

Gray, block lettering for the title.

A bird on the front, not centered.

A Mocking Jay.

The sequel to the book 'The Hunger Games'.

Catching Fire.

I snatched that book up faster than I could think, gripping it tightly, smiling incredibly.

The girls in my group start laughing, enjoying how much I adore books.

Especially ones I have been trying to get a hold of.

For almost



I will be visiting that part of the library often, now that I am aware of the gold mine that it really is. Quite often, actually.

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