Monday, March 01, 2010


Early in February I wrote about my experimentation with the slant I wrote at. HwExpert, from Your Handwriting Explained, commented, and I found her blog through that. I proceeded to spend half my day reading up on her blog about graphology- the study of handwriting. I was amazed! I was also intrigued, and have spent (too) many hours since then reading different blogs and articles I found on the subject. Check some of these out!

for a quick guide to pressure, slant, zones, spacing, speed, and intelligence, visit Viewzone

for a free, online course that looks at three aspects of handwriting, visit Handwriting Insights

for a quick article on seven parts of handwriting, visit Teaching K-8

for a very long, in-depth chart looking at many, many different aspects of handwriting, visit handwriting pro

If you are interested in analyzing your own handwriting, don't read these articles yet! First, find a piece of unlined paper and write about anything (your day, your cat, your favorite subject, a rock...) for as much of the page as you please. The more you have to look at, the more accurate your analysis will be. You should write in cursive, and then sign and date it. What you find out from you analysis will tell you about what mood you were in when you wrote that sample. Its quite fun, actually! Compare samples from different days to see how your mood and handwriting changed. Enjoy, and analyze away!


Nicole said...

UPDATE if you do not write in cursive, but in print, check out this article, too:

Handwriting analysis said...

That is some awesome and useful information right there. I cannot wait until the little people go to sleep so that I can concentrate and work some of this stuff out.