Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friday's Fave 5

I found this over at A Library is a Hospital for the Mind.
Here's how it works. On Friday, participants look back over the week and find their five favorite things, be they activities, food, quotes, books, etc. Anything that blessed them over the last seven days.

So here goes!

1. I finished my story-- again!
56 pages, 20,000 words, 16 chapters, and twice as long as the previous draft.

2. While babysitting at the church across the street, one of the babies fell asleep in my arms as I rocked her back and forth.

3. Seeing a kid in the cafeteria wearing a Narnia shirt

4. The weather- especially Tuesday. I was able to walk around with just a light jacket all day! And then getting to play Ultimate Frisbee on Tuesday for the first time in months

5. Being told I CAN to my persuasive speech in Communications class on Why You Should Have A Pen Pal

What about you?

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