Friday, October 02, 2009

Story Time!

Want a random glance into my life? Keep reading!

My Roomie and I went for a bike ride Sunday afternoon. We had both been working on homework, and facebook, for a while and needed to get out of the dorm room. Desperately. Personally, I'd been craving 'fresh' air for a while. Having the window open wasn't helping much either, it only made me want to be outside even more. She suggested a bike-ride, and I eagerly agreed.

We biked around campus, through the Quad, by the fine arts building, around the clock tower, the Mile track, the tennis courts, the unofficial frisbee field, the Admissions building, the Eternal Flame, and we just biked around until we were tired.

When we had been by the tennis courts I noticed something weird. Between the courts and the Athletic building is a medium sized parking lot, and in this parking lot there are random squares and rectangles of grass with zero to five trees in each patch. I decided I wanted to have a pic-nick there. I thought it would be so fun!

But Monday morning came, and it was one of the coldest days I can remember this year. Of course. Tuesday wasn't as cold, but still not nice enough weather for a pic-nick, and Wednesday was the same. Thursday had the nerve to rain. So I wait here now, a leetle impatiently for a nice day where I can take a blanket, a friend, some food, and a camera out to the Random Patches of Grass for a pic-nick.

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