Saturday, October 24, 2009

About Me

Today I thought I'd share some interesting things about me. Well, at least I they are interesting... Anyway, I have these lists on my facebook profile as well, and because today just called for an all-out random post, I am sharing them with you today.

write, quizzing, blog, draw, read, sit outside, think, come up with deep questions- and discuss them, waste time on the computer
green tea,green tea, a good book, catching up, soft Kleenex, 'Japanese Cherry Blossom' sent, being organized, being a bit cluttered, spring, fall, jacket weather, Psych, Bright Lights, reaching a goal, reading the Bible, finding poetic passages of scripture, hats, sisters, inside jokes, clean humor, friends, epiphanies, good quotes, defending my opinions, obeying God's nudges, paper, paper, paper, pencils, erasers, learning new things, shorthand, texting, trees, nickles, Narnia, meeting and or interviewing authors, music, iced tea, lemonade, Arnold Palmers, reading something I wrote a long time ago, that feeling when I realize I wrote the scene just right, when God gives me opportunites- and I seize them, bookshleves, new books, old books, old old old books, books with discreet Christian themes, doing quizzing, writing, eight oclock, updating things, ellipses..., talking to my cousins on the phone, acting in cousin-produced movies, watching home movies, blue, the sky, clouds, good pictures, libraies, librarians, 4th and 5th grade 'ah-ha!' moments, doing my devotions, praying for a l-o-n-g time, punctuation smiley faces ;), words, language, tea parties, good movies (I have high standards, though), modesty, young men strong in the Lord, STRAWBERRIES!!!, feeling good, realizing I cant save myself; while knowing I'm already saved, Jesus, His sacrifice, His resurrection, deep conversations, truth (telling and being told it), stone arched doorways...

Favorite Music:
Switchfood, Chris Rice, Nate Dreg, Worship Music, Regina Spector, The Call, Hymns, Instrumental, soundtracks...

Favorite TV Shows:
,Dick Van Dyke Show, I love Lucy, Psych, 18 Kids and counting...
Favorite Movies:
Lion witch and wardrobe, prince caspian, (hopefully voyage of the dawn treader), pride and prejudice (new), Nancy Drew, The Truman Show, A walk to remember...

Favorite Books:
Chronicles of Narnia, Dandelion Fire, Masterpiece, Point Blank, Spiderwick Chronicles, Tuck Everlasting, Eat This Book, The Deadliest Monster, Savvy, Ella Enchanted, Mara Daughter of the Nile, A Curse Dark as Gold, Wildwood Dancing, Anne of Avonlea and more....

Favorite Quotations:
"walk softly and carry a big stick"-Teddy Roosevelt

"we read to know we are not alone"-C.S.Lewis

"strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way; say tot he fearful hearts, 'be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance, with divine retribution he will come to save you."- Isaiah 35: 3-4

"For God will bring every deed to judgment, including every hidden thing, whether is is good or evil."- Ecclesiastes 12:14

"we tend to forget how very different a thing Christianity is- how decisively and uncomfortably different."- Kilpatrick

"our only hope is to recognize the depths of our sinfulness and cry out... [to] God... we must... depend on God, expecting Him to rescue us. " Baldwin

"you can't argue a person into the kingdom of heaven." - Baldwin

"we can no more separate religion from the state than we can separate people from their thoughs. No one is neutral..." - Baldwin

"To dismiss the supernatural because you've never seen it is as analogous (the same as) to the color-blind man dismissing the color red because he's never seen it." - Baldwin

About Me:
I love to read, (fiction and non fiction)
I like tea,
I have a birthmark,
learning is exciting to me,
I have a blog,
I love Jesus,
I enjoy drawing,
I write a lot of fiction,
I can be excited about almost any day as soon as I remember God created it,
I wear a promise ring,
I love to smile,
I can be opinionated,
I miss my family...,
I am majoring in Elemenaty Education,
I prefer modesty,
I don't try to mean, it just comes out that way sometimes...
I have a list of goals,
I obsess about things,
I will always be a quizzer at heart
I don't like being touched at all
I don't like hugs
I'm pretty weird, but who isn't?
~~ the end~~

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