Thursday, October 08, 2009


More notes from College Writing I, these on design elements. We are learning to critique ads.

Formal balance
-Symmetric, weight on each side is equal
~this communicates dignity, solidity, refinement, reserve

Informal balance
-Asymmetric, visually balanced but not equal
~ communicates excitement, optionality, forcefulness, and gives the element of surprise

- relationship between objects, size, negative space, depth perception, color, black and white
-size and shape generally communicate importance

-where your eyes move
-your eyes usually first rest a third of the way down the page
-gaze motion, you will look at what the people in the ad are looking at
-structural motion, using elements in the ad to direct the reader's attention

-achieved when elements tie into one another by using the same basic shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and mood
~ a border, a theme, 'white space'-empty space

Clarity & Siplicity
-clear, easy to read, easy to understand
~images, contrasts, text size and font...
-eliminate 'extra' elements
-combine elements into one grouping

Emphasis (use of text and diction)
-something should dominate everything else
-how much emphasis is needed?
-placement, size, shape, color, and white space are used to show emphasis

The most important question is 'did the ad succeed in capturing attention and getting a message across clearly?'

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