Saturday, October 10, 2009

Betsy-Tacy Books

I had no idea what these were until last week when I stumbled upon THIS POST by S. Mehrens from Library Hospital. I took the quiz and found out I am Tacy. I became interested in the books, and wanted to read them. I joined the challenge. I only hope I can find a copy of at least one of the books now! The campus library doesn't have them, and I don't know how to get a library card from the library in town because my permanent address is 50 miles away, and I don't go home often enough to borrow books and return them in time... so I'm at a dilemma as to how to read books I don't own. Thats why all these audio books I can borrow offline are so wonderful! (If I need to, I'll borrow it when I visit home, read it then, and return it before I come back to school. There are ways around everything ;D ). Anyway, my spirits rose when I found out Library Hospital was hosting a book give away; check it out!


Sarah M. said...

Thanks for the plug. :) I am so glad you've joined in. If you have a B&N or Borders nearby try the children's section. If you wish to start at the beginning you can get Betsy-Tacy for only $5.99. The price increases for the high school years, but that's because two novels are combined in each book, still those are only $10-15 a piece.

You might check with the local library and see if they give temporary library cards to students, I know the library in this area does, so maybe you'll get lucky?

Really hope you're able to find one before the end of the month... and who knows there's still the giveaway. :)

Nicole said...

:) Thanks for the info, I can hardly wait to check B&N, and the town library! Thanks again!!!