Thursday, August 20, 2009

North! or Be Eaten- Day Two

Today I shall share what I wrote after reading 'North! or Be Eaten' and a mini character breakdown.

Character Breakdown first...

Janer- main character. He's the oldest of the three siblings and the Throne Warden of Anniera. In Anniera the second oldest was the king, and the oldest was the King's Protector. Janner writes.

Tink- the middle child, the second oldest. He is also know as 'Kalmar Wingfeather'. Tink is the one who would be King of Anniera, though he isn't so excited about the responsibility. Tink goes through a lot of growth in this novel. Tink draws.

Leeli- the youngest of the tree. She is the Song Maiden of Anniera. Leeli has a crooked foot, and uses a crutch. She is not easily anxious and has some ability that children seem to posses to help get through to people no one else can seem to.

Nia- the mother of the children. She had once been the Queen of Anniera. She is very concerned about her children's safty, and loves them very much. She encourages her children in the learning of their T.H.A.G.S. -Three Honored And Great Subjects- writing, drawing, and singing. She has raised the children by herself, because her husband, the late king of Anniera died defending Anniera.

Podo- the children's grandfather, and Nia's father. He, too, cares deeply for the safety of his grandchildre. Podo has a secret past life, though, and it chatches up with him in this novel..

Peet the Sock Man- the late king of Anniera's older brother. In Anniera he is known as 'Artham P. Wingfeather'. He is a very difficult character to understand... prior to this story he had gone half way through a transforation into a bird- so he has talons instead of hands, and hes gone partly crazy. He has incredible loyalty.

Nugget- a ped dog as large as a horse who helps the children, and does something incredible to save them.

Oskar N. Reteep- a bookstore owner who, prior to this book, had employed Janner and befriended the family. Oskar is a rather large man who wont admit to his baldness and he continually quotes people. An alltogether enjoyable character.
What I Wrote After Reading, Including Lessons I Saw:
'wow. I really don'e know what to say! It was an amzing adventuree that took me to placed I had never heard of before, that introduced me to people I never knew existed, and that played through perfectly in my mind's eye.

There are many truths and wondrful lessons packed into this novel, I don't know where to start... Janner learns so much through these 323 pages, as do the other characters, and the reader.

One of the characters suffers from guilt, suffers to a point that he litterally goes insane. Another is ashamed of his past, and does not want to admit his evil deeds to the family he loves. One of the children has a name to live up to, but is afraid of what will happen and unsure if his capabilities. Another child has high standards for others and seems to assume they will not be reached. He also feels unsure of his capabilities to perform the job required of him.

In the end, sanity is reclaimed, pasts are faced, andtenderness lifts the broken and shows that love binds everything together. Characters truely believe in their future and their capabilities, learn to trust their family, and believe in their capabilities. '

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sally said...

Thanks, Marie. That is about a perfect post. Your breakdown of the characters and their struggles and triumphs is perfectly done, with no spoilers for those of us who haven't read the book yet.