Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moving Day

Well, yesterday was eventful, to say the least.

Move in started at 8am, but after loading the car, making a stop at Target (one that took longer than we thought it would) driving the hour it takes to get to Olivet, and a stop for lunch, my parents and I didn't get here until 11/12ish.

We figured it would be no big deal, we had moved my roommate in last Sunday, so the room was arranged and the carpet down, so all we had to do was move my stuff in and arrange it. It too a leetle longer than we thought... The dorm room isn't that big, so piling boxes and tubs of things into the room, and trying to unload them was a bit... challenging.

By around 3 we had everything in reasonable spots and my mom and I started 'the rounds'. We had to finalize my registration(I had apparently neglected to check some box during registration), get my bicycle sticker, get my ID/Tiger Dollars, find and open my mail box (a lot harder than it sounds), and figure out what in the world was wrong with my computer.

There was lots of walking, and lots of standing in lines, and lots of retracing steps, and lots of patience being tried.

I ended up having to download a bunch of stuff onto my computer, we went to the place they had computer help set up today, and eventually it was all figured out and I am able to get Internet. By eventually, I mean three hours... a LOT longer than I had anticipated spending registering my computer here...

So, my first day here has come and gone, and I think I'm ready to take on this 'college' thing.

Any funny stories you'd like to share about first days at school, college or otherwise? Go Ahead!


Noël De Vries said...

Hurray! It has begun! Look forward to hearing all about your classes, esp. lit.

Nicole said...

:) I'm sure I'll have a lot to share!

Aubrey DeVries said...

I'm so excited for you!!! Have a good time this week getting started.