Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Books on Tape

This summer I listened to a couple books on tape... they were 'Here Lies The Librarian', and 'The Spiderwick Chronicles'. Here are some thoughts on each:

Here Lies the Librarian

I really enjoyed this novel. I wasn't sure if I would, considering the graveyard cover art, and the first chapter or so... I kept listening though, because I was intrigued. This story takes place during the time when horses were fading, and automobiles were becoming popular. Jake takes care of his younger sibling nicknamed 'Pewee', and they run a gas station and repair sort of place to make ends meet- their parents both having passed away. Pewee is the main character, and one who has been banned from going anywhere near the public library. But that was before the librarian died... the library had been closed since. (the description given of this librarian I find quite funny; apparently she never let anyone check books out because she liked to keep them within her sight(: ) Some new librarians come to town, stir eveeryone up, and change the town, and Pewee, for the better.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

I listened to these in early July. The five books were recored onto five CDs, and I listened to them all in one day. 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' were amazing to listen to, the story was good, as was the way the story was read. I am eager to read moree Spiderwick books as soon as I can... The story is about these three children who move into some great aunt's old house because they have none of their own. Jared finds out about all kinds of fairy creatures, and that they are not all peaches and cream like stories tell. When he, his twin Simon, and older sister Mallory ignore the warnings to stay away from 'Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You' and all the creatures it tells about, they are put in danger and must ultamitly save the world.

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