Saturday, September 03, 2011

how to start off the school year rightly

-attend the campus wide Block Party, play human fusbal, climb the rock climbing wall twice, go on the bungee jumping thing (no idea how else to explain it...), and play the obstacle course twice, each time making it a relay
-bleach shirts with a spray bottle with everyone else in your apartment complex

-buy a neat looking decal for the wall
-cover your couches with sheets so they match the 'color scheme' of your living room
-find a place to put the herb garden you brought
-find a place to put up all your postcards from
-go to a bonfire
-intend to get a head start on homework
-make a Roommate Bucket List, which includes things such as 'name apartment' (suggestions???), and 'slide down stairs in laundry basket (still not sure if I'm participating in this one...)
-practice speed reading
-read 'Story of an Hour', and 'Killings' for your literature class
-take a nice nap, that was only half as long as you'd thought it would need to be to get the rest you needed
-toss a frisbee around with friends
-watch more movies than you have time for
-watch the class competitions 
-water your plants obsessivly, and motherly
-wear a skirt, because its too hot for pants, and shorts aren't allowed on campus before 4:30
-write a letter to your sponsored child
-write 'bout it all on your blog

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