Monday, September 19, 2011

growing (again)

try two!

because almost all the plants from try one died.
and I'm still not sure why.
Some possibilities:

~there are rocks at the bottom of the pots, and the pots are small. Maybe the roots reached them, and couldn't find dirt and drink and nutrition? there's a parable about that, you know...
~I watered them too much. once, twice, a day. because they're right there, and on my mind. Out of sight out of mind, but when you can see them, you're thinking of them.
~too cold. I mean, the're right next to the air conditioner. And you usually grow plants in the heat of spring and summer.
~not enough light. the only windows we have face north. Which isn't ideal, I've heard. And one of the pots was pretty much without direct lines to sunlight (accident!).
~aaaannndd, I'm finding bugs in the dirt. NOT good.

no idea if any of those are real reasons why my plants died.
but, I'm watering less, and I moved the large pot precariously onto the windowsill. We'll see how long they survive this time!
The seed packets said to expect seedlings in 10-14 days for some, and 14-21 days for others. I must have picked overachieving seeds because they started showing after four days. Should I be worried??

Oh, and I've added daisies! I got two packets from a friend, and just planted them today. I can't wait!

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