Monday, September 05, 2011


So, the first salad seed I planted was doing great! It was green, and getting (relatively) large. But then yesterday I went to water it, and it was small, and dull, and withered.

I have no sure idea what it was, but I have a hypothesis. A guess.

Remember those eggshell starters?
When I transplanted them to the larger pots, I squished the eggshells and broke them. That'd be enough for the roots to get through- right?
Apparently, not.

I went through all the plants, then, and tried to carefully take them all out of their eggshells and put them back in their pots. I'm hoping I didn't hurt any of them, because most of them are still incredibly small. But, as I pealed the shells off the dirt, I noticed the roots, spiraling around inside, unable to break through these things I had intended as fertilizer. Hopefully its not too late!

Another garden update: there are things growing in all the pots now! The parsley, oregano, chives, different salad types and  cilantro all have little green parts coming out of the dirt! Excitement!

Slightly Unrelated, here is a song by Hawk Nelson. I thought of it because of its title...

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Aubrey DeVries said...

I'm so glad your herbs are doing well! Hopefully the lettuce comes in alright. I suppose you could plant more just in case.